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Despite a 67 percent discount, still excessively expensive – the Moon Package in WoW

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For Valentine’s Day, Blizzard has put together a package of WoW mounts and is now offering it at a heavily discounted price in the shop. The Moon Package includes a total of six mounts.

As part of Valentine’s Day, Blizzard is throwing discounts left and right. For almost all games available through the Launcher, hefty discounts of up to 76 percent are up for grabs.

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This also applies to WoW. However, the offers are limited here. Anyone hoping for a discount on the upcoming WoW expansion or similar will be disappointed. Once again, Blizzard is “only” throwing out particularly cheap mounts.

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Despite a 67 percent discount, still excessively expensive the Moon Package in WoW

However, the question of whether this package is really cheap must be answered individually by each person. Even though it’s reduced in price by two-thirds, they still demand a hefty sum for a few virtual mounts.

The Moon Package – Six Mounts

The Moon Package is available in the shop until February 19th and includes the following six mounts:

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  • Shu-Zen, the Divine Guardian
  • Hogrus, the Pig of Luck
  • Quieks the Scoundrel
  • Yun, the Lucky Yak
  • Wen Lo, the Soul of the River
  • Jade, the Radiant Seer

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If you wanted to buy the mounts individually beforehand, you had to lay down a total of over $150. During the promotional period, the package is available for $49.99.

However, if you already own some of these mounts – for example, from previous packages, promo events, or simply purchased – then the price of the package automatically decreases. You’ll see how much it costs when you visit the shop logged into your account. The system automatically recognizes which mounts you own and calculates a new price for you.

However, the mounts are only available for Retail WoW and do not work in the Classic version of World of Warcraft. How do you like the selection of new mounts, and do you consider fifty euros for six mounts a reasonable price? It’s certainly much cheaper than usual – but is it cheap enough or still too expensive?

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