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WoW: Seriously, Blizzard? 70,000 Gold for 10 Achievement Points – New Gold Sink

The WoW developers have introduced a new gold sink in the Love is in the Air holiday, which offers you almost no value for 70,000 gold.

In MMORPGs like WoW, it’s relatively easy to earn a lot of gold. To prevent the in-game economy from going completely haywire, developers often introduce what are called gold sinks into the game.

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These are ways to spend a lot of gold. In return, you might get special transmogs or, some time ago, the AH mount. The Black Market Auction House is also a classic gold sink, and even the regular repair costs of your equipment serve as a constant gold sink.

Currently, the WoW holiday Love is in the Air is ongoing, which also brings a new gold sink. However, this isn’t very well received by players.

Donate 70,000 Gold and Get an Achievement

As part of Love is in the Air this year, you have the opportunity to make a donation for the Consortium Crafters’ Gala at Galvus Ironhammer (Alliance) or Torgando Hoofmender (Horde) in front of their respective capitals.

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You can decide whether to donate 1 silver, 500 gold, or a whopping 10,000 gold. In return, you receive… nothing. After all, it’s a donation and not payment for anything.

You can donate a maximum of 10,000 gold per day, after which the NPC will not accept any further donations. In addition to the donation option, the developers have introduced the achievement “Support Your Local Crafters” into the game. To achieve this, you must donate a total of 70,000 gold to the Consortium Crafters.

WoW 70,000 Gold for 10 Achievement Points New Gold Sink (1)

So, during Love is in the Air, you have to visit the NPC seven times and donate 10,000 gold each time to get the achievement. But beware: The achievement is not account-wide, even though you can donate 10,000 gold per day with each character individually!

A gold sink that costs you 70,000 gold and offers no value aside from an achievement and ten achievement points – it’s clear that many players won’t like that. However, many players will likely invest their gold, considering that the achievement will not be available again until next year after Love is in the Air ends.

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How do you feel about this new type of gold sink in WoW? Are you already on your way to donate your hard-earned gold to the Consortium Crafters and snag a new achievement, or are 70,000 gold more important to you than the ten achievement points?

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