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Diablo 4: “Unplayable”! New Bug Testing Players’ Patience – Blizzard is on It!

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Diablo 4 players are struggling with a frustrating bug that renders the game unplayable. Developer Blizzard is already working on a solution.

Diablo 4 players must be quite patient these days. After last year’s record start and the disappointment of the first season, Blizzard’s flagship ARPG is struggling to gain momentum. The features of the currently running 3rd season sounded promising on paper, but turned out to be a dud.

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It was so bad that the developers even responded with an emergency patch, fixing at least the most glaring errors – even though Diablo 4 didn’t necessarily improve with it.

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Now, a new bug is increasingly causing trouble, not only spoiling players’ moods but completely preventing them from playing. Forum posts from Diablo 4 clients complaining of the game hanging completely after loading are on the rise.

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Frustrated players, Developers Working on It

For the affected players, the game hangs completely right after the initial loading, making playing absolutely impossible. Restarting, repair mode, reinstalling – nothing seems to help.

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Some players are already joking that it’s a new feature meant to stretch out the season content. Others are cynically suggesting that Diablo 4 is better off when you can’t log in.

Diablo 4 Unplayable New Bug (1)

The developers, on their part, are already aware of the problem but haven’t pinpointed exactly what’s causing the error.


Chiming in to let folks know that the team is investigating the issue. Thank you to all the folks reporting, and also sharing workarounds that have worked for them. As news comes from the team, we will share and update folks here.

Thank you for your patience!

So, once the developers precisely identify the cause of the error and how to fix it, they intend to inform all players promptly. We’re curious how long that will take. Are you currently able to log into Diablo 4 or have you been spared from the bug so far? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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