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Final Fantasy 6: Remake Idea Appears Not Entirely Off the Table – But in Incredibly Distant Future

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With the release date of Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth just around the corner, Square Enix’s long-standing role-playing franchise is about to expand once more. Officially declared as the second part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy, it can almost be seen as a standalone title.

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More than its predecessor, Final Fantasy 7: Remake, the game is poised to expand upon the world surrounding protagonist Cloud, his nemesis Sephiroth, the city of Midgar, the Shinra Corporation, and the rebel group Avalanche. This sparks hope among fans that, after the trilogy’s conclusion, further Final Fantasy games might undergo a similar rejuvenation.

Final Fantasy 6 Still Holds Many Admirers at Square Enix

For developer Square Enix, the idea is certainly tantalizing. In addition to the perennially successful mainline titles like Final Fantasy 16 released last year, diving into another beloved classic could introduce a new generation of players to these timeless adventures. While rumors of a Final Fantasy 9 remake had circulated some time ago, even games from beyond the PlayStation era that once defined the RPG genre could be ripe for revival. One such contender is Final Fantasy 6, originally released only in Japan in 1994.

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That Square Enix harbors at least the theoretical desire to realize such a project is no secret, according to Yoshinori Kitase. The director of Final Fantasy 6 is involved in a leading role in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy, which precludes other major undertakings. Realizing such an endeavor might take about 20 years of planning and development, given factors like the multitude of characters – Final Fantasy 6 alone boasts 14 playable characters.

However, as Kitase notes, there are “many friends of Final Fantasy 6 within the company” who occasionally inquire: “When are we making a remake?” Even if it might be an internal running joke and everyone is aware of the monumental effort it would entail, the topic doesn’t seem entirely off the table for Kitase, or else he wouldn’t have given it such thought.

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First and Foremost: Final Fantasy 7

However, for now, the focus remains squarely on Final Fantasy 7, still perhaps the most popular installment in the series, which is why Square Enix opted for a remake of this very game. Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth is set to launch on February 29 for the PlayStation 5.

Source: GamesRadar, Twitter / @Genki_JPN

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