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Rumor Suggests Huawei P70 Pro to Feature Kirin 9000s Chipset with Overclock

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Chinese tech giant Huawei is gearing up for the release of its P70 series, with a recent leak hinting at some intriguing details about the P70 Pro model. Insider FixedFocus reveals that the company’s decision to use the current Kirin 9000s chipset in the P70 Pro, with overclocking, directly links to production capabilities at SMIC. This choice reflects a strategic move to leverage manufacturing strengths.

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Chipset Lineup: Tailoring Performance to Production

Huawei is expected to offer three uniquely developed chipset options in the upcoming P70 series. Among these, the P70 Art model stands out as it will leverage an entirely new platform, the Kirin 9010. The lineup includes:

  • Huawei P70: Powered by Kirin 9000s
  • Huawei P70 Pro: Featuring Kirin 9000s with overclocking
  • Huawei P70 Art: Equipped with the Kirin 9010

Overclocking Mysteries: Unraveling Kirin 9000s Performance Boost

Though the details of the overclocked Kirin 9000s remain unclear, experts anticipate a boost in the primary core’s speed from its current 2.62 GHz configuration. The chipset architecture comprises 1 performance core at 2.62 GHz, along with 3 cores at 2.15 GHz and 4 cores at 1.53 GHz.

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Rumor Suggests Huawei P70 Pro to Feature Kirin 9000s Chipset with Overclock (1)

Hardware Galore: RAM, Storage, and Display Details Unveiled

Anticipated P70 series smartphones are expected to come with variants offering up to 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal storage. Eyes are on the software, with Huawei entering the final stages of HarmonyOS Next development. Many enthusiasts hope for a debut of the software within the P70 family.

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Launch Timeline and Notable Features

Expectations are high as Huawei plans to unveil the new smartphones by March. Rumors suggest that the devices will feature BOE OLED displays, photographic sensors of up to 1 inch, and high-capacity batteries.

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