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OpenAI Seeks To Combat The Use Of ChatGpt For Political Purposes In The U.S. Elections

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OpenAI, the company that owns the artificial intelligence-based chatbot ChatGPT, has announced that it will combat the tool’s use for political purposes. OpenAI is particularly targeting this initiative at the upcoming 2024 U.S. presidential election.

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According to OpenAI, the account of a developer responsible for creating Dean.Bot has been suspended. Dean.Bot is a chatbot based on ChatGPT intended to be a tool in the presidential campaign of Minnesota representative Dean Phillips.

The suspension occurred after the violation of new rules prohibiting lobbyists and candidates from using ChatGPT for political purposes. In the case of Dean.Bot, the tool interacted with voters by responding to questions in the voice of candidate Dean Phillips.

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Open AI Dean.Bot

When asked why Democrats should not support President Joe Biden, Dean.Bot stated, “While I respect President Biden, data and conversations with Americans across the country indicate a strong desire for change.”

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Dean.Bot’s creation was funded by the partisan organization Super PAC We Deserve Better, in partnership with the AI development company Delphi. Delphi had its account suspended for violating the new rules for using OpenAI’s tool.

The company announced new rules a few weeks ago, preventing developers from creating applications based on ChatGPT for political campaigns or lobbying. Analysts are still analyzing the effectiveness of the tool for personalized persuasion.

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