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Avowed Unveils New Details on Combat System and Companions

Obsidian Entertainment took part in the latest edition of the official Xbox podcast to delve into Avowed, slated for release in the fall for Xbox Series, Game Pass, and PC. Directors Carrie Patel and Gabe Paramo shared fresh insights into the game world, combat system, and companions. Additionally, an extended gameplay version was showcased during the interview, building on last week’s Developer Direct unveiling.

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Avowed Narrative Unfolds in the Living Lands

Avowed’s storyline unfolds in the Living Lands, sharing the universe with Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity. However, the game’s creators assert that what sets Avowed apart as a “game of Obsidian” extends beyond a common setting like the world of Eora. “It’s about our role-playing approach that places the player at the center,” says Carrie Patel. “The way we handle consequences and choices is by giving players the chance to define who they are in this world, how they want to behave, and what challenges they want to face.”

Decisions Extend Beyond Story – Into Combat

When Obsidian talks about decisions, it not only refers to those impacting the world, story, or travel companions but also encompasses combat decisions. Avowed offers multiple ways to approach a battle, ranging from the classic sword and shield to sword and pistol, even to dual-wielding magical wands. The gameplay mechanics encourage frequent equipment changes for better adaptation to various encounters, with the equipment complemented by skills.

“We wanted to be able to take as many skills from the trees as possible and categorize them a bit differently so that the player doesn’t feel the pressure of choosing one at the beginning of the game,” comments Gabe Paramo. “You can mix and match different skills for some variety.” Developers emphasize that players can build a character fitting into a class, but without any restrictions, and skills can be reassigned at any time.

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Avowed: Elemental Combat Dynamics

Avowed Unveils New Details on Combat System and Companions (1)

Avowed introduces an elemental system in combat, allowing players to set enemies on fire, freeze them, and electrocute them. These elements also interact with the environment, adding layers of strategy to engagements.

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Companions: More Than Allies

Regarding companions, each character has reasons to join the player on their mission, tied to a specific region of the Living Lands. Beyond being allies, companions serve as advisors and local guides. Gabe Paramo notes, “They provide a lot of feedback and additional context that reveals something about their character but also about the corner of the world you’re exploring.” In combat, companions play distinct roles, as seen in the Developers Direct with Kai serving as a tank and generating threat, while Giatta focused on healing the group.

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