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WoW: Phase 2 of Discovery Season to Starts in a Month

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Blizzard developers have unveiled the launch date for the second endgame phase of WoW Classic’s Discovery Season. Starting February 8, 2024, players can progress to level 40, raid the new Gnomeregan instance, and challenge rival factions in Stranglethorn Vale. Here’s a comprehensive roundup of all the confirmed details.

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Blizzard’s Revelation

On World of Warcraft’s official website, Blizzard developers disclosed the launch date for WoW Classic’s second endgame phase in the Discovery Season. Come February 8, 2024, players can progress to level 40, explore new zones in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, uncover fresh secrets, and acquire runes for their classes. Notably, a new equipment slot for runes will allow simultaneous use of up to four runes. Expect a significant shakeup in class meta as the level cap expands to 40. This expansion unlocks additional abilities and one of the potent 31-point talents. Anticipate potential class adjustments ahead, as there won’t be a comprehensive PTR test for the upcoming season content before the launch.

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PvP Rank Surge and Experience Bonus

With the new phase, the PvP rank will surge alongside character levels. While currently reachable up to PvP rank 3, expect only a minor jump of two or three ranks at the phase 2 launch. Players who haven’t reached level 25 by the phase’s commencement will benefit from an experience points bonus. Blizzard emphasizes having most Classic characters within the active level range (from level 25 to level 40 during Phase 2) to foster optimal interaction and competition.

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Journey to Stranglethorn Vale

In Phase 1 of the Discovery Season, Ashenvale held prominence as the central hub for both Horde and Alliance. However, Phase 2 shifts focus to the beloved Stranglethorn Vale. Here, developers aim to introduce a regularly occurring PvP world event, learning from the lessons of Ashenvale’s conflicts. Heavily populated servers faced significant issues due to the interaction of different game world layers and population-balancing systems. These problems caused inadvertent layer shifts or event progress resets/blockades.

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WoW Phase 2 of Discovery Season to Starts in a Month (1)
Wow: In Phase 2 of the upcoming Classic Season, Stranglethorn Vale is getting a PvP event.
Source: Blizzard

This world event aims to cater to players uninterested in PvP by including associated PvE objectives. Furthermore, gaining access to Stranglethorn Vale enables players to earn powerful trinkets. They can also participate in the local fishing tournament held regularly in the jungle region.

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Gnomeregan’s New Raid

The highlight of the second endgame phase isn’t in Stranglethorn Vale. Instead, it’s in the western region of Dun Morogh, featuring the revamped Gnomeregan raid instance for level 40 heroes. Players can acquire a teleporter to this new raid challenge through a quest in Stranglethorn Vale, ensuring convenient access for both factions.

In the original dungeon version, Gnomeregan housed six bosses, featuring unique challenges and coveted loot. Anticipate adjusted boss mechanics, rewards, new consumables, and buffs based on experiences from the Blackfathom Deeps. Notably, the iconic “Hand of Justice” trinket, infamous for its effect on high-level Druids, will undergo changes. With a cooldown of three minutes instead of three charges, this adjustment simplifies its usage across various classes.

WoW Phase 2 of Discovery Season to Starts in a Month (2)
WoW: New season, new runes for all classes.
Source: Blizzard

Favorable Adjustments on the Horizon

In December, Blizzard introduced modifications to the new reputation factions, Supply and Logistics Durotar for Horde and Azeroth Trade Commission for Alliance, in the Discovery Season. Changes to reaching the “Friendly” status were implemented, making it easier through the submission of intercepted supplies from defeated foes. However, this diminished the significance of achieving the “Honored” status. Game Producer Aggrend hinted at upcoming developments for the “Honored” status, promising exciting additions soon.

Several specifics remain unclear. For instance, the introduction of class-specific runes, such as the Enhancement Shaman’s Two-Handed Rune, the Warrior’s Gladiator Rune, or the Hunter’s Melee-Weaving Rune, lacks confirmation. While announced, their inclusion with Phase 2 remains unconfirmed.

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