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The Xbox Exclusive Game Might Hit PlayStation and Nintendo Switch – Rumors Suggest

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According to insider whispers, rumors abound that Microsoft may be set to break ground. They might do so by releasing one of its most lauded exclusives onto other platforms, namely PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Nate the Hate, a podcast known for its exclusive insights into the gaming industry, recently unveiled this tantalizing piece of news. The podcast, while remaining tight-lipped about the specific title, hints that the game contended for the coveted “Game of the Year” title upon its launch.

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In 2024, Nate claimed, Microsoft is poised to extend the reach of one of its most revered exclusives to other gaming platforms. He asserts that this particular game enjoyed widespread acclaim among fans. Many were betting on its victory in the “Game of the Year” race.

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The podcast host predicts an eruption of excitement upon the game’s announcement, anticipating widespread enthusiasm due to its stellar quality. He ultimately views Microsoft’s move as a shrewd business decision. This decision could expand the game’s intellectual property beyond the Xbox ecosystem.

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This revelation sparked heated debates across social media platforms, with many speculating that the mentioned game might be Hi-Fi Rush, a creation of Tango Gameworks. This action-packed title surprised gamers with its sudden release last year, earning heaps of praise.

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Microsoft has a track record of releasing its exclusives on other platforms, such as the Ori franchise on Nintendo Switch, and continuing to support Minecraft on PlayStation consoles. Moreover, they’ve honored multi-platform agreements for Deathloop, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and Psychonauts 2.

Expanding the reach of these exclusive titles could signal a strategic shift in Microsoft’s gaming approach. It might involve leveraging the strength of their intellectual properties across a wider gaming landscape.

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