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LG Unveils 2024 OLED Smart TVs: 144 Hz Refresh Rate, AI Features, and More

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LG made waves on Thursday (04) by unveiling a new range of OLED evo Smart TVs set to lead the brand’s 2024 lineup. The newest series prioritizes AI, with beefed-up processors in advanced models. It vows improved image quality and performance from the 2023 models.

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Diversified Offerings Catering to Varied Consumers

The new televisions come in various lines. They tailor each to meet diverse consumer needs – from the less demanding to the cinema enthusiast seeking an attractive living room visual.Moreover, these models offer updates that cater specifically to gamers, enhancing their appeal.

LG is keeping details like pricing and availability under wraps. They will likely reveal this info at CES 2024, where they will showcase their latest products. The South Korean giant is presently revealing key technologies for this new generation. It’s anticipated to compete with Samsung’s supposed OLED S95D and OLED S90D models.

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Cutting-Edge Features of the 2024 Portfolio

Starting with the more sophisticated models in the 2024 lineup, we have the Signature M4 and G4, featuring an unprecedented α11 (Alpha 11) AI processor. The innovation pledges enhanced image and audio quality. It also boasts a 30% processing performance leap from the previous line, thanks to AI algorithms.

The Signature M line, known for its completely wireless design courtesy of Zero Connect Box technology, previously offered only a “giant” 97-inch model. Now, the new generation introduces a more compact 65-inch version boasting 4K resolution and a 144 Hz refresh rate (versus 120 Hz in the previous generation).

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LG Unveils 2024 OLED Smart TVs 144 Hz Refresh Rate, AI Features, and More (1)

The LG G4 will optimize its intelligent functions through the high-performance α11 processor. Precise pixel-level image analysis will aid image upscaling. This leverages AI’s discerning judgment, enhancing object sharpness and rendering more accurate colors using Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro.

Introducing the C4 Series: Balancing Performance and Value

Among the releases is the C4 series, succeeding LG’s most popular OLED TV line. This model prioritizes cost-effectiveness. It’s expected to feature a simpler yet powerful processor, optimizing 4K images for gamers and cinephiles at a 144 Hz refresh rate.

These TVs come equipped with Game Optimizer technology, allowing rapid switching between optimized settings for various game genres. Additionally, gamers can enjoy NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync for better frame management, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

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As promised by LG, this generation will follow the new policy of providing five OS updates for the webOS, extending these televisions’ lifespan.

Awaited Revelations at CES 2024

At CES 2024, LG will unveil the new Smart TV generation. Details like prices and release dates are expected to surface at the event, running from January 9th to 12th.

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