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WoW: A Quick Guide to the Demonology Warlock in Dragonflight Patch 10.2

The essence of Demonology in Patch 10.2 has ascended to new heights, empowering players to significantly impact both Mythic+ and raids. The Sorcerer’s handy group support tools coupled with potent spells allows them to outshine both Destros and Afflis specs. To streamline, let’s presume you’ve acquired the 4-piece set bonus from Amirdrassil.

Talent Selection for the Demonology Warlock

In the image below, you’ll find the talents tailored for specific targets. Similar to other Warlock specs, your focus remains on active defensive and group support options: Demonic Gateway, Mortal Coils, and Dark Pact. To maximize DPS, consider integrating abilities such as Inquisitor’s Gaze, Grimoire of Synergy, Soul Link, Sargeras’ Technique, and Socrethar’s Stratagem.

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For specialization talents, prioritize summoning potent additional demons like Grimoire: Felguard and, naturally, Summon Demonic Tyrant. Dabbling in Demonic Strength is a prudent choice across all game modes. Swap Soul Blast for Dark Souls summoning when aiming for frequent burst moments, especially in Mythic+. Since Patch 10.2, it’s advisable to steer clear of the Nether Portal due to its lagging DPS performance.

Talent Distribution of the Demonology Warlock in Dragonflight Raids
Talent Distribution of the Demonology Warlock in Dragonflight Raids


WoW Guide to Demonology Warlock in Dragonflight Patch 10.2 (1)
With this style of play, you as a demonologist are well equipped for raids. Your single target damage is well strengthened with talents, while you also boost your soul shard household with various skills.

Gameplay of the Demonology Warlock

The Demonologist, akin to their counterparts, accrues Soul Shards but heavily relies on assembling their sources of damage, i.e., their demons. Thus, you secure resources consistently via Shadow Bolt, Demon Bolt, Demonic Core, and various procs to sustain the demonic war machine. These spells take precedence:

  1. Grimoire: Felguard (on cooldown)
  2. Summon Dark Caller (on cooldown if talent chosen)
  3. Demonic Strength (on cooldown)
  4. Call Dreadstalkers (on cooldown)
  5. Hand of Gul’dan (with 4+ Soul Shards)
  6. Summon Demonic Tyrant (once your cooldown demons are active)
  7. Demon Bolt (with 2+ charges of Demonic Core)
  8. Drain Life (with >2 charges of Demonic Core)
  9. Soul Strike (with >4 Soul Shards, if talent chosen)

The Demonologist endeavors to rally their major demons for significant burst moments, specifically from Grimoire: Felguard, Dark Caller (if chosen), and the Dreadstalkers. Primarily, summoning the former is the minimum requirement to unleash the Demonic Tyrant for optimal DPS. Besides, you cultivate your army of minions while consistently amassing new masses of Soul Shards.

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Cooldowns of the Demonology Warlock

Summoning the Demonic Tyrant calls forth a potent minion that enhances the remaining lifespan and damage output of your already summoned minions. Mythic+ thrives with augmenting bonus talents, yet in raids, the “Naked” build currently reigns supreme: no bonus talents, but consider abilities like Shadow Whip in AoE or Pact of the Imp Mother.

Guillotine stands as a potent talent cooldown for AoE battles. It generates an AoE field while speeding up your Felguard’s attacks, hitting surrounding foes.

Grimoire: Felguard temporarily summons another Felguard by your side, instantly stunning the chosen opponent upon its summoning. This demon becomes an immense DPS boost!

Attribute Allocation for the Demonology Warlock

For the Demonologist, speed is the strongest attribute after intellect, but cap it at 30% due to diminishing returns. Following this, prioritize critical strike and versatility. Mastery trails behind but can surge forward with an AoE focus, especially when pet damage (including through Implosion) becomes crucial.

  1. Intellect
  2. Speed (up to 30%)
  3. Critical Strike / Versatility
  4. Mastery

In the Dungeon Realm

Talent Distribution of the Demonology Warlock in Dragonflight Dungeons
Talent Distribution of the Demonology Warlock in Dragonflight Dungeons

To unleash the Demon’s might in Mythic+, several adjustments are necessary. Depart from the Naked build and empower your Tyrant with Soul Bound Tyrant and Master’s Plan, which, since Patch 10.2, offers a precise 30-second cooldown reduction. Shadow Invocation, Fel and Steel, and Strengthened resolve further enrich your AoE capabilities. Embrace Guillotine in the bottom row for an AoE spell and expedited Felguard with AoE attacks. Implosion is a must, as is Malevolent Reconstitution. Remove single-target talents like Soul Strike, Sacrificed Souls, Fel Conjuration, and Shadow’s Bite; Pact of the Imp Mother isn’t essential in Mythic+ scenarios.

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