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GTA 6 Alleged Short Video Leak Surfaces; Leaker Hints at Late 2024 Release

It’s no secret that in recent days, the internet has been ablaze with the potential release of GTA 6, the much-anticipated continuation of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, speculated to arrive next year. The official trailer for the game is set to be unveiled by Rockstar next Tuesday (12/05), adding fuel to the already heated discussions.

GTA 6: A Sneak Peek Emerges

Yesterday, amid this fervor, a leak surfaced providing a brief – and I mean brief – glimpse of what could be in store if this leaked footage is the real deal.

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Shared directly on what appears to be the TikTok account of none other than a possible son of Rockstar’s art director, Aaron Garbut, the video clocks in at less than 10 seconds. It showcases a 360-degree view of the game’s environment, encompassing the city, sky, and roads.

The recording seems to have been captured using an external camera to film a monitor, raising suspicions of an attempt to evade detection by not directly capturing it on a PC, which could potentially leave traces that the developers could track.

Rumor has it the leaker almost got caught red-handed filming the leak but managed to dodge detection, perhaps channeling their inner GTA skills!

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What the Leak Implies

According to the GTA VI Countdown profile, the map is speculated to be twice the size of Los Santos in GTA V, featuring three main cities and four sub-cities, with a “large lake in the middle of the map.”

Adding to the anticipation, the leaker hints that approximately 70% of buildings will have accessible interiors in GTA 6. Furthermore, the game is purportedly slated for a possible autumn release in 2024, aligning with the information suggesting that Take-Two expects a substantial revenue increase in the fiscal year ending March 2025.

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Real or Fiction?

As of now, the authenticity of this leak remains uncertain. It’s crucial to take this information with a grain of salt, steering clear of building expectations based on details that might not materialize in the final game.

This GTA 6 whirlwind keeps getting more intriguing. Stay tuned for updates on this much-anticipated release!

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