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Sonos finally in the league, plans to offer wireless headphones next year.

The brand known for various high-quality speakers, Sonos, is planning to introduce new products next year, and among the first will be wireless headphones.

Until now, Sonos has only offered speakers, smart speakers, and sound systems that connect to TVs. Now the company is preparing to step into new audio-related markets. It is expected that the first Sonos wireless headphones will be announced in April of next year. Both over-ear models, competing with Apple and Sony headphones, and small in-ear headphones will be offered.

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Currently, there is not much technical information available, but in April, over-ear headphones in both white and black colors could be released, maintaining the usual color scheme. They will be connectable with other Sonos speakers and can be controlled with voice commands. Of course, adhering to the company’s standards, a corresponding price tag will follow, which could be around $400. Similar to the pricing of Sony WH-1000MX5 but cheaper than Apple AirPods Max.

The launch of the new product is also related to the fact that the company has not had very favorable financial results this year, and improvements are expected in the second half of next year. Therefore, it can be understood that the headphones will be announced in the first half of 2024. Additionally, Sonos is working on software that will allow users to manage home speakers remotely.

It will certainly be interesting to see what the company can achieve in this wireless headphone segment based on the current sound quality standards.

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