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WoW: That’s Never Happened Before – Blizz Implements New Type of Transmog Shoulders

The developers at Blizzard keep expanding WoW’s Transmog feature, and they’ve now implemented a new type of  transmog shoulder that haven’t been seen before. Instead of oversized shoulder plates, there’s a sort of mini-cape.

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If there’s something iconic about characters’ appearances in WoW, it’s undoubtedly the oversized shoulder armors. Whether our characters would squish their heads raising both arms or struggle to move, those massive shoulder pads aren’t just cool but have become inseparable from WoW.

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Or have they? The developers are introducing a new type of shoulder transmogs into the game. These aren’t the classic shoulders we’re familiar with; rather, they’re more like mini-capes attached to the front sides of the shoulders. To be precise, they’re actually two mini-capes.

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New Type of Transmog Shoulders in WoW

These new shoulder transmogs have surfaced on the PTR for WoW Patch 10.2.5 and could create a really cool look when paired with the appropriate cape. Technically, it’s a new shoulder appearance available in different colors. You can get a sense of them in the following image gallery.

This opens up entirely new possibilities for transmog enthusiasts. And it’s worth noting that one can transmogrify each side independently. We’re already envisioning some cool sets, especially reminiscent of gladiators or Romans.

As for how to obtain these new transmogs, it hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, the Auction House might be a good guess.

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