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Mastering Red Dead Redemption 2: PS4 Cheats and Strategies

Just like in Starfield, Red Dead Redemption 2 allows for a more relaxed gameplay experience through cheat codes. Various cheats can significantly enhance the player’s experience, whether by providing money, additional items, or skill improvements.

Codes in the Wild West adventure ensure money, weapons, horses, skills, and everything you can imagine.

In the game, cheats can be used at any time, but some of them have specific prerequisites. Therefore, it’s worth keeping an eye on the conditions of use and also on the Newspapers, as some are automatically delivered, and others require purchase in stores.

Additionally, using cheats in Red Dead Redemption 2 disables the earning of trophies. This means that platinum trophies and other achievements are locked while cheats are active.

How to use cheats in Red Dead Redemption 2

Cheats must be activated through specific phrases. After pausing the game, access the settings menu and press “Triangle.” This will open a text field, which needs to be filled with one (or more) of the texts below.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Source: Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats without requirements

Greed is now a virtue – Adds $500 to your wallet

You flourish before you die – Restores health, stamina, and Dead Eye bars

Make me better – Levels up Dead Eye to level 2 (allows manual tagging of enemies)

I shall be better – Levels up Dead Eye to level 3 (keeps the ability active after shooting)

I still seek more – Levels up Dead Eye to level 4 (highlights fatal areas when targeting enemies)

I seek and I find – Levels up Dead Eye to level 5 (highlights fatal and critical damage areas when targeting enemies)

Keep your dreams simple – Spawns a wagon with a horse

Keep your dreams light – Spawns a horse with a cart

My kingdom is a horse – Increases bonding with all your horses

Run! Run! Run! – Spawns a racehorse

You want something new – Spawn a random horse

You want more than you have – Spawns an Arabian horse

Better than my dog – Allows you to call your horse from any distance

Vanity. All is vanity – Unlocks all outfits in Arthur’s wardrobe

Balance. All is balance – Restores Honor to a neutral level

A fool on command – Makes the character completely drunk

Death is silence – Adds silent weapons to your inventory

History is written by fools – Adds gunslinger weapons to your inventory

A simple life, a beautiful death – Adds simple weapons to your inventory

You revel in your disgrace, I see – Sets Honor to the minimum level

Eat of knowledge – Unlocks all crafting recipes

Share – Unlocks all camp ledger upgrades and maxes out supplies

You want freedom – Lowers your wanted level

You want punishment – Raises your wanted level

Seek all the bounty of this place – Increases attribute bars

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats with requirements

Abundance is the dullest desire – Unlimited ammunition – Buy the New Hanover Gazette No. 27 newspaper in Valentine during Chapter 1

Greed is an American virtue – Adds heavy weapons to your inventory – Buy the newspaper after completing the “Advertising, the New American Art” mission in Chapter 3

The lucky be strong evermore – Infinite stamina – Buy a newspaper after completing Chapter 5

Virtue unearned is not a virtue – Increases Honor level – Buy the newspaper after completing the “Urban Pleasures” mission in Chapter 4

Would you be happier as a clown? – Spawns a circus wagon – Buy the newspaper after completing the Epilogue

You are a beast built for war – Spawns a war horse – Buy the newspaper after completing the Epilogue

You long for sight but see nothing – Reveals the entire map – Buy the newspaper after completing the “Family Feuds, Old and New” mission in Chapter 3

You seek more than the world offers – Restores and strengthens stamina, health, and Dead Eye bars – Buy the newspaper after completing the “The King’s Son” mission in Chapter 6

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game can be played on the new generation of consoles via backward compatibility.




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