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Sega Cancels Hyenas and Unannounced Games in Development in Europe

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Sega has cancelled the first-person multiplayer shooter game, Hyenas, along with several unannounced games that were in the works in Europe. This announcement was made by the company on Thursday, the 28th.

Sega – Response to Lower Profitability in Europe

According to Sega, these cancellations are in response to the lower profitability in the European region, which prompted a review of the development portfolio in each European base.

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Sega Sammy executives were asked if they could provide an update on the game, such as its business model and expected impact on earnings, during a Q&A session following the publication of the company’s quarterly earnings in August.

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“They said, “We are unable to talk about this title because the details have not yet been announced at this time. As this is a challenging title, we are striving to improve its quality towards the release on the front line of development. We are also making final adjustments to its business model in parallel.”


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Anticipated Losses and Operational Outlook

Due to the implementation of this structural reform, the company anticipates recording losses of approximately US$ 96 million. However, there are no changes in the forecasted consolidated operational results for the current fiscal year, ending on March 31, 2024.

The press release regarding this can be viewed at this link.

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