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CMF by Nothing is hosting Pre-Orders Sale and Product Insights in India

Exciting news, folks! CMF by Nothing is gearing up for the launch of its very first lineup of products, and they’ve got something special in store for early birds. Just a few days ahead of the big reveal, CMF by Nothing has dropped details on their upcoming smartwatch, earbuds, and a snazzy GaN charger. Let’s dive into what’s in store.

CMF’s sub-brand, Nothing, is hosting a “Blind Drop” pre-order sale, granting eager customers early access to their latest creations. This pre-order extravaganza kicks off on September 25, exclusively on Flipkart, a day before the official launch.

For a mere Rs 500, you can snag a pre-order pass and unlock a treasure trove of benefits worth Rs 1,000. Pre-order customers will be treated to a special launch price on CMF products, a handy Rs 500 voucher that can be used for any future Nothing or CMF purchases, early delivery privileges, and a sneak peek ahead of the general public.

CMF by Nothing
Source: FlipKart Listing

Now, let’s get a glimpse of what’s coming our way. CMF is set to introduce the Watch Pro, the Buds Pro, and the Power 65W GaN charger. If you’ve been following the leaks, you might have heard about these before.

The CMF Watch Pro boasts a vibrant 1.96-inch AMOLED display, dazzling with 600 nits of brightness. It’s rumoured to offer Bluetooth Calling, built-in multi-system GPS, a bundle of health-centric features, an impressive 13-day battery life, and a sturdy IP68 rating. Best part? It might come in at a wallet-friendly price, possibly under Rs 5,000.

Now, onto the CMF Buds Pro. These earbuds are no slouch, offering a whopping 45dB Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology. They might also pack some powerful 10mm drivers, delivering up to 11 hours of playtime on a single charge. The estimated price tag? Around INR Rs 3,500.

Last but not least, the GaN charger, is designed for speed demons. This little wonder supports 65W fast charging and is expected to sport a compact, travel-friendly design. You might be able to snag it for around INR Rs 3,000.

With the CMF, Nothing sub-brands launch just around the corner, it’s a waiting game to see how these gadgets stack up. As promised, CMF by Nothing aims to deliver quality experiences at wallet-friendly prices. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with all the latest updates, so stay tuned.






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