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Spotify ends monetization of podcasts with relaxing sounds.

Spotify announced this week that it will no longer sponsor podcasts of white noise, a genre that consists of continuous and uniform sounds, such as a fan or a waterfall, which supposedly help to relax or sleep. This change is set to come into effect from October 1st of this year.

Source: FreePik

The decision was taken after a controversy involving one of the service’s most popular podcasts. With the alteration, creators of content in this genre must find another way to monetize their episodes through external resources or the platform’s own features, such as premium subscriptions or by placing third-party sponsored ads.

The company affirms that it neither supports nor encourages the practice of copying or improperly using third-party content and that it is reviewing all white noise podcasts on its platform to check if there are any irregularities.

The developer also reinforces that this type of podcast does not fit its vision of original and quality content and that it intends to invest in other, more creative and diversified genres.

The measure has generated mixed reactions among Spotify users. Some praised the company’s initiative to combat piracy and to value original creators, while others criticized the restriction on freedom of choice and the lack of consideration for people who use white noise to alleviate stress or insomnia.

Some experts also questioned the effectiveness of white noise for well-being and suggested that there are other, healthier, and more natural ways to relax and sleep better.

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