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Snapchat New “Dream” Feature Allows Users To Create Unique Selfies

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For a while now, “Snapchat” has been offering various features based on artificial intelligence (AI), such as the same AI chatbot, “My AI.” One of the newest features is the generative AI option, “Dream,” which allows users’ self-images, combined with augmented reality effects, to become unique images that transform the user’s personality into new identities.

The new feature can be found in the “Memories” section of “Snapchat.” Next, the user needs to take several self-images so that the face is shown from different angles. After that, the application will create a series of images in various themes, such as time travel, alternate universe, mermaids in the sea, the Renaissance era, and more. Users will receive the first “Dreams” package of eight images for free. Subsequently, each set of images will cost 0.99 USD.

The new feature is initially available in Australia and New Zealand, but according to “Snapchat,” it is expected to reach users in other parts of the world in the coming weeks.

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