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“TikTok” users will be seeing more advertisements soon.

One thing is as clear as day – advertisements will be there, and there will only be more of them. If they aren’t somewhere already, a way will certainly be devised to insert them and, to a greater or lesser extent, compel users to watch them. One of the apps where we will soon see more advertisements is “TikTok” which has decided that the ideal place for such content is the search section.

TikTok” has informed that soon in search results, regardless of what you are searching for, advertisements will appear. However, it is noted that these advertisements will at least be relevant to the search and will be labeled as sponsored content. It is not excluded that users will also see advertisements that correspond to previously viewed or searched content, interests, and other activities on the app.

It is emphasized that by clicking on sponsored content, the search will not be interrupted, and the user can continue scrolling through search results. It is presumed that there will be significant interest from advertisers, as this option is automatically made available to existing “TikTok” advertisers. It should be noted that advertisements have been shown in the regular “TikTok” feed among videos for some time.”

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