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Netflix has started testing cloud gaming finally in Canada and UK – Some important insights.

Canadian and UK Users can experience cloud stream gaming as it was announced today that Netflix has started testing its games since Monday across more machines, including TVs and computers, While this gaming feature had already been accessible to mobile users, Netflix is now granting a select group of subscribers the opportunity to trial gaming on their TVs in the upcoming days. Mike Verdu, Netflix’s VP of games, described this endeavor as a “limited beta test” to a specific number of users, underscoring that not all Canadian and UK subscribers will have immediate access.

Source: Netflix

The trial’s current selection of games for TV includes the atmospheric thriller “Oxenfree” from Night School Studio, a studio acquired by Netflix in 2021, and the engaging gem-mining arcade game “Molehew’s Mining Adventure.”

In terms of supported devices during this early phase, the list encompasses an array of TV’s and LED’s options:

Amazon Fire TV streaming media players

Chromecast with Google TV


Nvidia Shield TV

Roku devices and TVs

Samsung Smart TVs

Walmart Onn

Moreover, Netflix is planning to incorporate more devices as time progresses. While specific details about future device compatibility remain undisclosed, it’s worth noting that Apple TV has yet to be featured on the list. Despite this, there’s optimism that it might be integrated down the line.


Netflix  Game Controller  – What could it be?

The primary objective of this initial testing phase is twofold: to evaluate Netflix’s game-streaming technology and its accompanying controller, all to refine the user experience. Wandering about the game controller, well it’s the Smartphone that will connect for this gaming experience, and connection can be achieved by scanning a QR code provided through the Netflix app on the television.

Netflix Controller
Source: Netflix

In 2019, Google initiated its efforts in the gaming arena by launching Stadia platform, although its reception by the user was not much appreciated and they had to shut down later. On the other hand, Xbox got mixed feelings from users on its game streaming which was exclusive to subscribers of its popular Game Pass service. The success of Netflix’s new gaming initiative and its adaptiveness by users is yet to be determined, but hopes are high for its positive impact on gaming enthusiasts

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