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New Interface for WhatsApp Apple Users iOS 23.15.72: What are the new changes?

WhatsApp has just revealed a new stable update for iOS, available on the App Store: the build number for iOS is 23.15.72 mainly updating the new interface for action sheets enhancing overall app user experience.

Major Changes? Action sheets – new interface
Status? Rolling out
How iOS is taking this new update? iOS 23.15.72 latest WhatsApp update is a compatible update, but some users may be able to get these features by installing one of the previous updates of the app.
Some Users have new update but not the same features why? Although WhatsApp did not mention this feature in the official changelog on the App Store, we can confirm that this is finally available to some users.
Latest Enhancements? WhatsApp news of the week: video message feature and add participants to groups!

With this new improvement, WhatsApp aims to enhance the app without relying on the interface offered by the official Apple APIs, which looks a bit old. A few days ago, the WhatsApp for iOS 23.15.72 update was released on the App Store. They haven’t officially announced any new information that certain changes will be made however some users are experiencing a new interface. If you are not already getting that, we hope soon you’ll see those changes.

WhatsApp Apple Users iOS 23.15.72

The official changelog also stated several previously announced features, including improved navigation for avatar stickers and three new additions – chat transfer, landscape mode support for video calls, and the ability to silence unwanted or unknown calls.

Improved Vision for Video Calls with WhatsApp Update iOS 23.15.72

The introduction of landscape mode for video calls in WhatsApp is a significant improvement that gives users a more user-friendly and expansive video call experience. Unlike the conventional portrait mode, which limits the viewing screen, landscape mode provides a wider range and more panoramic view during video calls.

By enabling landscape mode, users can enjoy a larger and more spacious display of their video call interface. This allows them to see more participants on the screen at the same time, making group video calls and conferences are much more engaging and user-friendly, making it more convenient to connect with your friends, family, and colleagues from work.

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