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World of Warcraft: Blizzard vs. Booster – Massive Blow Apparently Destroys Millions of Gold

It appears that the Blizzard Entertainment have delivered a significant blow to boosting communities for the first time. According to their own statements, the administrators of a major community have been banned. This has left boosters and brokers with millions of gold.

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In WoW, it’s normal for players to be guided through raids or dungeons in exchange for the game’s currency, gold, which is not against the rules. To facilitate this “boosting,” Blizzard developers have introduced a special chat window labeled “services,” allowing boosting groups to continuously advertise their services.

The boosting industry is thriving and fiercely competitive. Larger boosting groups often employ players to act as brokers for their services. These brokers act as intermediaries between clients and the major boosting organizations, receiving a portion of the gold earned from the boosting activities for their brokerage services. However, many of these middlemen are now reportedly empty-handed because the masterminds behind the boosting operations have supposedly been banned.

Allegedly, Astra Community Admins Are Broke

Blizzard Issues Ban Waves to Astra Community Admins
byu/turbogaze inwow

On the WoW Reddit forum, a Redditor named turbogaze shared a screenshot from the Astra Discord. According to the message from one of the admins, all admin accounts of the boosting organization have been banned. The statement highlights that it seems deliberate that only admin accounts handling gold were banned simultaneously, while main characters received no punishment.

The admins have already submitted an unban request, but until then, several million (potentially even billions) of gold will remain inaccessible.

In the WoW forum, there is widespread skepticism regarding whether this ban wave truly targeted boosters or if it was part of an exit scam orchestrated by Astra. Allegations suggest that Astra’s boosters absconded with their earned gold, fabricating the ban wave as a cover-up.

If the admins of the boosting community were indeed banned, it would mark the first significant setback for these organizations since the new boosting rules were introduced.

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Why Are Boosting Communities Banned?

As previously mentioned, it’s permissible for individual players to guide others through dungeons or M+ runs in exchange for gold. As a solo player, you can openly offer your services for gold without any issues. However, since the beginning of 2022, organized boosting communities have been explicitly prohibited. According to the End-User License Agreement (EULA), all boosting communities are now banned with immediate effect and are considered violations of the EULA.

Anyone who organizes boosts as part of a community, whether for real money or in-game gold, is breaking these rules and may face penalties, including permanent account closure.

Despite these regulations, boosting communities like Astra continue to operate. A loophole in the new boosting EULA exists through intermediaries, who are essentially employed by groups like Astra. These intermediaries indirectly lead players into boosting Discords, where other organized groups are ready to provide services for a fee.

These boosting groups operate in a tightly coordinated manner. Individuals attempting to gather players for legitimate purposes often find themselves mass reported and pushed out of zones, as reported by some players on Reddit. Do you believe Blizzard has effectively dealt a significant blow to boosting communities for the first time, or is this potentially an exit scam?

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