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Google’s Next Innovation: AI Chatbots Featuring Celebrities, Influencers, and YouTubers

Google’s next step in artificial intelligence is the creation of chatbots based on celebrities, influencers, and YouTubers. According to The Information, this project by Google Labs could be available to the public this year, although there is no confirmed launch date yet.

The report indicates that the new Google chatbots, powered by Gemini, would be optimized to imitate the people they are modeled after when providing answers to users. It has not been revealed who the first celebrities to lend their image and personality to this experiment will be.

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An interesting point mentioned is that the same tool would allow users to create their own chatbots powered by Google. Anyone could choose the appearance and personality of their “virtual companion,” creating unique bots to interact with.

This development leaves several questions unanswered. It is not yet clear whether Google plans to offer a selection of default chatbots based on personalities and influencers or if there will be limits on how closely user-created versions can emulate real people.

Google Chatbots Might Compete with Similar Offerings from Meta and Character.AI

Google Plans AI Chatbots with Celebrities, Influencers, and YouTubers (1)
Source: Better Images of AI.

If Google creates chatbots modeled on public figures, it won’t be the first company to do so. In 2023, Meta began working with a similar concept, using AI to create “people” that users can interact with on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. These AI personalities, modeled after celebrities like Paris Hilton, Mr. Beast, and Dwyane Wade, are currently only available in the US.

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Another platform with a similar concept to Google chatbots is Character.AI. This platform allows users to create bots based on personalities and train them using text data sets. Users can interact with characters modeled after Elon Musk, Socrates, or the Master Chief from Halo, among many others. However, the service has faced criticism for its AI being used to generate sexual and violent conversations.

Regarding Google chatbots and their potential release, it is speculated that they might initially be launched as an experimental feature on the Google Labs website. There is also the possibility of integrating them into YouTube, allowing content creators to generate their own “digital personas” to interact with their subscribers.

Since this project is in its early stages, a potential widespread launch has not yet been defined. Although Google discussed artificial intelligence extensively at I/O 2024, there was no mention of celebrity-based chatbots. It remains to be seen if this initiative will gain traction in the coming months or be abandoned before a possible debut.

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