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The Next Vision Pro Should Be Less Than Half the Price

Now that the hype surrounding the Apple Vision Pro has died down and indications suggest the headset will be a moderate success, Apple seems to want to change its strategy.

According to a report by The Information magazine (via Ars Technica), the company is working on a cheaper model. The original plan was to create a new Vision Pro that would once again make no compromises at a lower price.

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The new plan is to develop a headset that costs around $1,600. While this would still be more expensive than most competing products—a Meta Quest Pro currently costs around $1,100, and a Valve Index $1,080—it would more than halve the current euro price of the Vision Pro.

According to insider sources at The Information, the cheaper version of the Vision Pro is expected to be completed by the end of 2025. The company originally wanted to introduce a cheaper headset alongside the high-end model. However, the company is apparently sticking with a single product that will be optimized for a better purchase price.

Other sources state that Apple has built a total of 500,000 units of the Vision Pro. The company is unlikely to bring many more of these products onto the market. This is not surprising given the high price and the limited usage scenarios many tests have shown.

Nevertheless, Apple is not neglecting the Vision Pro concept. At WWDC, the manufacturer presented some new features for VisionOS, the Vision Pro’s operating system.

If a second version comes out at the end of 2025, the question arises whether there won’t already be alternative products by then. If the competition is fast enough, the concept could even be dropped.

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