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YouTube and TikTok are the Easiest Ways to Discover New Games

According to the “Game Discoverability 2024” survey by the advertising and public relations agency Big Games Machine, gamers worldwide prefer YouTube and TikTok to find new games. X (ex-Twitter) and isolated advertisements are the least effective methods.

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The agency interviewed over a thousand console and PC owners in the United States, asking how they discover new games to buy. Statistics show that 64% of them decide to buy a game after watching videos on YouTube.

Following Google’s social network, TikTok comes in second place (36%). Close behind is Meta, with Instagram (35%) and Facebook (34%). The fifth most effective method is the good old “word of mouth,” when you learn about a new product because a friend or acquaintance tells you about it.

YouTube, besides being the most popular tool, is also the most reliable source, according to 52% of respondents.

YouTube and TikTok are the Easiest Ways to Discover New Games (1)

The research also looked at different age groups. TikTok was the favorite among those aged 18 to 24, with 58% using it the most. Generally, apps that are easily accessible on mobile devices – with dedicated apps for smartphones and tablets – were the most mentioned.

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On the opposite end, ads in print media (newspapers, magazines) and game reviews on Metacritic are the least used for game discovery. X, Elon Musk’s platform, was considered “least reliable” by 19% of respondents.

Regarding Metacritic, there’s an interesting finding: the audience tends to prefer reviews written by the public (4%) over those by industry professionals (3%).

The study also shows that platforms and metrics intersect. Almost all respondents admitted to using at least three different places to discover and evaluate whether a game is worth buying.

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