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Guild Wars 2: Finally, Two Often Ignored Races Receive Love Thanks to Armor Update

These ArenaNet are now paying attention to what players are saying. They understand that even the “unusual” races in the game should have nice-looking armor. That’s what’s happening in the latest update for Guild Wars 2, which focuses on two races often overlooked.

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Starting from February 27, 2024, players of Guild Wars 2 have the chance to get their hands on amazing new armor. It’s called the legendary Obsidian armor, and it comes in three different styles: cloth, leather, and plate carrier. Many players are super excited about how cool their characters look in this armor. But for some players, this armor has been a source of frustration. Not just because it’s expensive, but because of how it looks. Specifically, this frustration is felt by two groups of people.

Legendary Armor from GW2: SotO Now Better for Charr and Asura

Until now, both the Charr and the Asura faced a problem with their armor. The armor didn’t consider the unique features of these special races. Charr have impressive horns, and Asura are known for their large ears, among other things. But since the legendary armor, Obsidian armor, was released, it didn’t reflect these characteristics. However, since the update on May 7, 2024, this issue has finally been resolved!

Guild Wars 2; Finally, Charr & Asura Receive Armor Update (1)
An enhancement to Charr Obsidian armor in Guild Wars 2: The Heavy Armor Helm now considers racial horns and ears.

What Did the Developers Change About the Armor?

On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, the ArenaNet detailed the changes made to the legendary Obsidian armor for the Charr and Asura races:

  • For Asura characters, the medium helmet now features a cutout specifically designed to accommodate their ears.
  • Regarding Charr characters, adjustments were made to the heavy helmet, altering its shape to better fit their ears and horns.
  • Additionally, modifications were implemented for the medium and light pants worn by Charr characters to ensure a more comfortable fit with their tail.
  • Furthermore, improvements were made to the heavy boots worn by Charr characters, making them more suitable for their claws.
Guild Wars 2; Finally, Charr & Asura Receive Armor Update
One of the improvements to Charr Obsidian armor in Guild Wars 2: The Helm of Heavy Armor now takes racial horns and ears into account.

Just before the armor was launched, developers made some adjustments to the Charr armor. They ensured that the claws were protected by gold armor, instead of just looking like they were poking through. Are you someone who enjoys playing as Charr or Asura? How happy are you with the armor in the game? Do you have any personal favorites that really suit your character? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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