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Diablo 4 Introduces ‘Legacy Items’: Significant Seasonal Change

In Season 4 of Diablo 4, there are several changes happening. When your characters move from the Seasonal Realm to the Eternal Realms, things will be a bit different. The items you’ve gathered before will now be known as “legacy items.”

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When Season 4 kicks off in Diablo 4 (Fresh Loot, Loot Reborn), your Season 3 characters will shift to the Eternal Realm to keep playing. They’ll bring along all the items they’ve collected from Season 3 to the regular game mode. If you’re a seasoned Diablo player, you’re probably familiar with this process, but there are some tweaks coming with Season 4.

With all the updates to itemization, the tempering feature, and changes to affixes, the Code of Power, and other values, there are new rules for the “old” items from Season 3 (and before). This means some of the items you’ve collected will turn into legacy items.

What Happens to My Season 3 (And Older) Items?

Diablo 4 Introduces 'Legacy Items'; Significant Seasonal Change (1)

In Season 4: Fresh Loot of Diablo 4, there’s a notable shift from previous seasons. Unlike before, where themes only impacted the Seasonal Realm, now, in Season 4, these changes extend to affect the Eternal Realm as well. In a video featuring game designer Charles Dunn, these adjustments are thoroughly explained (from 01:48:12).

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As per the Campfire chat dated March 20, here’s what this implies for your existing items: “All items that you currently have on your characters or in the Eternal Realm will be marked as so-called ‘Legacy Items’.”

This implies that they won’t be able to engage with the new tempering or masterworking systems. They’ll stay as they are, unaltered and unchanged. Legacy items originate from the older system.

To utilize the new systems, like discovering Greater Affixes, enhancing affixes, and masterworking, you’ll need to seek out new items.

With the itemization update, many stats will vanish from the game, but they’ll persist on legacy items. Though old items might still have their uses, you’ll have the ability to enhance items significantly through tempering and masterworking, potentially surpassing their previous capabilities. Generally, items in the new system will be more potent.

Changes are also happening with aspects. Instead of manually accessing extracted aspects in your inventory, the aspect with the highest value will automatically transfer to your codex collection. The Code of Power will reset in the seasonal realm at the season’s end, while learned affixes will carry over to the eternal realm. Affixes in the Eternal Realm, as the name suggests, endure indefinitely. If you’ve already learned the same aspect in the Eternal Realm when the season changes, the Code of Power will retain the higher of the two values.

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