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Diablo 4: Like in Diablo 3 – Obtain Starter Sets in Season 4 through Seasonal Journey

In Season 4 of Diablo 4, the game developers are taking inspiration from Diablo 3 by introducing a new feature. Alongside the vast Nephalem Rifts, players will now encounter another familiar aspect: starter sets. These sets aim to simplify the beginning of the end game for each class, providing a streamlined experience as players progress.

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The upcoming season in Diablo 4, titled “Loot Reborn,” (Complete Overview Here) lives up to its name. With a focus on enhancing the loot system, players can expect more valuable drops. This revamped itemization ensures that inventory clutter is reduced, allowing for a smoother gameplay experience. Additionally, crafting coveted Uber-Uniques becomes more accessible, catering to players’ desires for powerful gear. Moreover, developers are incorporating content from Diablo 3 into the endgame, introducing expansive Nephalem portals known as The Pit.

Following feedback received during the Public Test Realm (PTR) phase, the development team of Diablo 4 has decided to implement another feature from Diablo 3: starter sets via the seasonal journey. This decision was officially announced by the developers during a livestream dedicated to discussing upcoming updates and changes.

Your Class Will Receive These Starter Sets in Season 4

In Diablo 4 Season 4, there’s a notable change concerning set items, similar to those found in Diablo 3. Specifically, set items won’t be featured during this season. However, players won’t miss out on gearing up for specific builds. Instead, developers have introduced a range of items tailored to suit different character builds. These items can be acquired through equipment boxes earned during the seasonal journey.

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For instance, when a Barbarian opens one of these boxes, they’ll discover items specifically crafted for enhancing the effectiveness of a Dust Devil/Whirlwind build. This means Barbarians can kickstart their journey with a solid build as early as World Level 3 or 4.

Other classes also benefit from this system. Druids will receive items tailored to amplify the Pulverize build, while Necromancers will find gear suitable for strengthening their minion army. Hunters have been assigned a set that primarily boosts barrage fire, and Wizards are granted items that enhance the core ability, Flame Death.

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