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Diablo 4: First Signs of ‘Vessel of Hatred’ Beta

Data mining discoveries indicate that the first expansion of Diablo 4, known as Vessel of Hatred, may be released soon.

The significant updates for Season 4 are set to arrive in Diablo 4 by mid-May. The popular action role-playing game by Blizzard is undergoing extensive changes. Following the conclusion of Season 4, it won’t be long before the first expansion for Diablo 4, Vessel of Hatred, is introduced. Despite a trailer and a leak, there is limited information available about Vessel of Hatred.

Nonetheless, dataminers have recently unearthed early indications of the beta phase. The testing period for Vessel of Hatred might commence shortly.

Vessel of Hatred converted to Content Delivery Network (CDN)

As per findings by Dataminers from WoWHead, the version of Vessel of Hatred on the Blizzard CDN has been updated from 2.0.0alpha.49443 to version It seems that the initial Diablo 4 expansion has recently entered the beta phase. The Blizzard CDN serves as a platform for internal testing, allowing Blizzard to exchange encrypted data during the development process.

Diablo 4; First Signs of ‘Vessel of Hatred’ Beta (1)

However, there is currently no official announcement regarding the commencement of the beta phase. According to information obtained by Dataminers, the first alpha files for Vessel of Hatred surfaced in October 2023. The expansion was officially unveiled at BlizzCon 2023 in November.

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In Vessel of Hatred, players will venture into a new jungle area where they will uncover the destiny of Mephisto, the Supreme Evil, and his diabolical schemes for Sanctuary. This expansion will introduce a completely new class to the game, a feature unprecedented in the history of Diablo games.

The new class is rumored to be a “Spiritborn,” deeply connected to nature and possessing wings. However, this information stems from a leak. According to the leak, Vessel of Hatred will also introduce raiding for the first time and expand upon the mercenary system introduced in Season 4. Are you eagerly anticipating this expansion?

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