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Diablo 4 Update: Patch 1.3.4a Enhances Gameplay and Fixes Bugs

The Blizzard have released Patch 1.3.4a for Diablo 4 on March 12th. The update introduces improvements to the game’s mechanics and addressing various bugs and aims to enhance player experience and ensure fair gameplay.

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Exploiters Removed from Leaderboards

Following the expulsion of exploiters from Diablo 4’s leaderboards, additional measures have been taken to maintain the integrity of the game. Patch 1.3.4a, released by Blizzard Entertainment, addresses issues that allowed players to manipulate rankings unfairly. These actions demonstrate the developers’ commitment to fair competition within the game.

Gauntlet Rankings Updates

Patch 1.3.4a brings updates to the Gauntlet rankings, focusing on enhancing the competitive aspect of Season 3. By fixing bugs and preventing exploitative tactics, players can now engage in Gauntlet runs with confidence, knowing that rankings accurately reflect their skill and performance.

Bug Fixes in Patch 1.3.4a

The latest build, Patch 1.3.4a, targets several bugs that have plagued Diablo 4’s gameplay. Among the fixes include addressing leaderboard data inaccuracies, resolving issues with teleportation out of the Gauntlet dungeon via map, and implementing various performance enhancements. These fixes contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for players.

Patch 1.3.4a Patch Notes

Accessibility Improvements

  • Fixed issues with screen reader functionality, ensuring accessibility for all players.
  • Improved the reading of menu options and information for players using screen readers.
  • Fixed bugs preventing the proper reading of drop-down menus and skill tree options.
  • Enhanced accessibility for players not at World Tier IV.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the screen reader from reading the Group Trials and Weekly Results menus.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen reader to not read out options in drop-down menus in many cases.

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Season of the Construct Fixes

  • Fixed bug issues with skills and descriptions, ensuring accurate gameplay information.
  • Fixed bugs affecting the functionality of certain skills, such as the Seneschal’s “Burning Support” and “Protection.”
  • Fixed a bug  preventing the completion of certain objectives within Season of the Construct.
  • Ensured proper progression within Season of the Construct by fixing bugs related to Seneschal Stone Chests and objective completion criteria.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Seneschal to be considered a servant, rendering the Sacrificial Glyph unusable.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the description for the next rank of the Seneschal skill “Burning Support” to be incorrect.

Gameplay Fixes

  • Resolved bugs affecting gameplay mechanics, such as the application of multiple instances of certain skills.
  • Fixed a bug preventing proper replay functionality in challenges and the use of Nightmare Seals in active dungeons.
  • Fixed a bug where equipping multiple instances of Aspect of Moonrise would only apply to the first instance equipped, rather than the strongest version equipped.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a Nightmare Dungeon to be reset by using a Nightmare Seal in the dungeon. Nightmare Seals can no longer be used in active dungeons.

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Dungeon Fixes

  • Addressed issues with boss respawns and progression barriers within dungeons, ensuring smoother gameplay experiences.
  • Fixed bugs preventing the completion of certain objectives and the use of certain items within dungeons.
  • Fixed a bug where the Gravelord boss in the Carrion Fields would not respawn if you left the boss arena immediately after placing the last statue.
  • Fixed an issue where Spidercaller monsters could sometimes fail to appear in the Sirocco Cave, preventing progression.

User Interface Improvements

  • Enhanced the user interface to provide clearer information and navigation options for players.
  • Fixed bugs affecting the display of completed seasonal destinations and Hardcore mode indicators.
  • Improved visibility of map icons and exit indicators within challenge dungeons.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hall of the Ancients to not display whether a character was playing in Hardcore mode.
  • Fixed a bug that caused challenge dungeons to have no exit icons on the map or mini-map.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Butcher’s Barrier from showing as depleted.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented PC entries from being displayed when filtering the leaderboard by all platforms.

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Additional Fixes

  • Addressed graphical and visibility issues with certain skills for Wizards and Hunters, ensuring a more consistent and immersive gaming experience.

Performance, Visuals, and Stability Improvements:

In addition to bug fixes and gameplay adjustments, Patch 1.3.4a introduces various enhancements to the game’s performance, visuals, and stability. These improvements aim to provide a smoother and more immersive gaming experience for Diablo 4 players worldwide.

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