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ASUS May Launch 14 New Notebooks from the ROG, TUF, and ProArt Lines

A mistakenly publicized listing unintentionally revealed ASUS‘ plans across multiple product lines. Specifically, the Taiwanese company is gearing up to introduce 14 new notebooks from the ROG, TUF, and ProArt series. Notably, all these notebooks will incorporate the latest generation APUs from Ryzen Strix Point by AMD, built on the Zen5 architecture, along with GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards from NVIDIA.

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What adds to the intrigue is that the listing wasn’t intended for new computers at all. The revelation emerged from an isolated page featuring the 180W and 240W ROG Compact plug adapter—the “box” containing the wires that connect to a notebook’s socket.

Based on the image provided, the models designated with the “W” label signify the new devices, whereas those labeled “U” indicate variants featuring the Hawk Point 8040 APU.

ASUS May Launch Notebooks from the ROG, TUF & ProArt Lines (1)

Below is the comprehensive list:

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G16 (AMD)

  • GA605WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • GA605WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060
  • GA605WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070

ASUS TUF Gaming (A14)

  • FA401WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • FA401WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060
  • FA401WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070
  • FA401UU: Hawk Point + RTX 4050
  • FA401UV: Hawk Point + RTX 4060
  • FA401UI: Hawk Point + RTX 4070

ASUS TUF Gaming (A16)

  • FA608WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • FA608WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060
  • FA608WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070

ASUS Creator ProArt P16

  • M7606WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • M7606WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060

ASUS Creator ProArt X13

  • HN7306WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • HN7306WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060
  • HN7306WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070

Naturally, the machine configurations – in fact, even their existence – were not commented on by ASUS. PC event on May 20th is confirmed, so perhaps the announcements are closer than we expect.

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