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Ukraine Presents AI-Generated Avatar to Be Government “Spokesperson”

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced an Artificial Intelligence avatar last week. This avatar will serve as the government’s new “spokesperson” to deliver official statements, especially those concerning the ongoing war with Russia.

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This “digital person” goes by the name “Victoria Shi,” which is a blend of “victoria” and the local abbreviation for AI. It bears a resemblance to Ukrainian influencer and singer Rosalie Nombre, both in appearance and voice. The artist has given permission for her image to be used in this initiative. You can see the results in the post below:

In the video presentation above, the AI explains its functions. Besides showing the avatar image, the Ukrainian government will include a QR code in the content. This code will guide users to the ministry’s official statement text, helping to prevent falsification.

“I will inform journalists about the work of consuls in protecting the rights and interests of Ukrainian citizens abroad and comment on incidents or emergency situations, among other news.”

Victoria Shi

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s AI “Spokesperson”

The ministry’s press office explained that Victoria Shi’s statements won’t be created by Artificial Intelligence. Instead, they’ll be written and checked by real people. The AI part will only handle visuals and voice. The Ukrainian government aims to help diplomats save time and resources.

This marks the first instance in history where a government has employed a virtual spokeswoman to deliver its statements.

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