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Reportedly, Kaspersky’s AI Used in Russian Military Drones

The cybersecurity firm Kaspersky is facing serious accusations. A volunteer group called Informnapalm suggests that Kaspersky’s AI technology contributed to the creation of Russian drones during the Ukraine conflict, as reported by The Register.

Kaspersky strongly denies these claims, labeling them as “unfounded, false allegations.” However, leaked documents indicate a connection with the drone manufacturer Albatross.

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Informnapalm alleges that the tie between Kaspersky and Russian drone maker Albatross traces back to 2018. During that time, a group established ALB-search to enter a drone technology contest for search and rescue purposes. Some members of this group later assumed managerial roles at Albatross. Additionally, individuals previously employed by Kaspersky purportedly played pivotal roles in the development of surveillance drones at Albatross.

Kaspersky’s Response: Limited Collaboration

Kaspersky largely refuted the accusations made to The Register, asserting that the article relied on “numerous false claims as well as factual inaccuracies and speculation.” The company admitted to a limited, experimental partnership with Albatross at the laboratory level. However, they emphasized that the pilot project aimed solely at humanitarian operations.

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Kaspersky confirmed the involvement of two employees, Vladimir Turov and Vladimir Kleshnin, with Albatross. They clarified that the duo’s collaboration with the drone manufacturer predates their tenure at the cybersecurity company. Additionally, Kaspersky disclosed that it had previously engaged in a distribution agreement with Albatross for the latter’s anti-drone solutions, which expired in 2022.

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Informnapalm’s report, sourced from stolen documents obtained from Albatross, alleges that Kaspersky’s neural network technology played a crucial role in developing drones capable of detecting individuals using cameras and microphones for onboard recognition. This technology holds potential applications in both civilian and military domains.

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A purportedly leaked presentation quotes, “Kaspersky Lab employs Albatross drones as carriers for its intelligent systems.” The presentation highlights a partnership with the Russian aircraft manufacturer Albatross, wherein Kaspersky’s Neural Networks solutions have reportedly been integrated into Albatross M5 fixed-wing drones and Albatross D1 quadcopters.

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