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Diablo 4 Launches “Duriel’s Offering” Themed Event in Celebration of Earth Day

Hey there, heroes of Sanctuary! Ready for a mission that mixes the terrifying world of Diablo 4with a good environmental cause? This Earth Day, Blizzard is taking the celebration to a new level of epicness with the Duriel’s Offering event, a sinister (but incredibly beneficial) partnership with Tiggywinkles, the animal rescue and rehabilitation hospital in Great Britain.

A Partnership to Feed Birds

Yes, you read that right! Duriel, Diablo ‘s notorious maggot king (yuck!), is recruiting players not to sow chaos and destruction, but to help feed the rehabbing birds. For every 25 likes on the special Earth Day post on Diablo’s X (formerly Twitter) account, a bucket full of 45,000 grubs will be donated to Tiggywinkles. These larvae will help support the hospital’s bird nursery, and the goal is to reach 666 buckets!

Diablo 4 Launches Duriel’s Offering (1)

Likes for a Cause

A simple like can make a big difference. With every click, you help Blizzard fund the bird feeding program for up to two and a half years. That’s right, your social media actions have the power to support wildlife in need!

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How You Can Help

To participate, simply access Diablo’s account on X and give the post that life-saving like. The event lasts until 3:59 am on April 23rd (Brasília time), so don’t waste time! Turn your digital interactions into buckets of maggots and be part of this epic campaign that only the Diablo community could truly embrace.

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So what are you waiting for? Let’s turn likes into food and show that even the most hardened gamers have a big heart when it comes to taking care of our planet and its inhabitants. Join us on this devilishly green journey and help make a difference this Earth Day with Diablo 4 and Tiggywinkles!

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