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iPhone SE 4: Leaks Reveal Exciting Details About Apple’s Budget Device

In a recent leak, details about the upcoming iPhone SE 4 have emerged, shedding light on its potential features and specifications. The leaks, originating from a source known as negativeonehero (on X/Twitter), provide a comprehensive look at what could be expected from Apple’s budget-friendly smartphone.

Negativeonehero, a 19-year-old, has provided specific details about the device’s appearance, materials, and build quality, leading to increased trust among international media outlets.


According to the leaks, the iPhone SE 4 is said to resemble the iPhone 13 from the front and the iPhone XR from the back. Rumors suggest it will feature a single rear camera and a notch for Face ID. The device would have a glass back and utilize flat 7000 series aluminum for the sides, marking a significant departure from previous SE models.

Dimensions and Weight

The leaked specifications indicate that the iPhone SE 4 would measure 148.5mm in height, 71.2mm in width, and 7.8mm in thickness, with a weight of 166 grams. These dimensions suggest a larger and slightly heavier device compared to its predecessor, the iPhone SE 3.

Screen Size

One of the most anticipated changes in the iPhone SE 4 is its screen size, with leaks suggesting a 6.1-inch diagonal display. This upgrade would address a common complaint about previous SE models and provide users with a more immersive viewing experience. The screen is expected to use LTPS OLED technology with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

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Rear Camera

The leaks indicate that the iPhone SE 4 would feature a single rear camera, consistent with previous SE generations. Rumors suggest that the camera includes an IMX503 sensor with an aperture of f/1.8 and a size of 1/2.55″. Although night mode may not be supported, the device is expected to offer features like Deep Fusion, Smart HDR, portrait mode, and AI scenes.

Processor and Performance

According to the leaks, the iPhone SE 4 would be powered by an Apple A16 Bionic processor, the same chipset found in the iPhone 15 series. This would ensure smooth performance and efficient multitasking capabilities, providing users with a seamless experience. Moreover, rumors suggest that the device will come with 6 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and offer storage options of 128 GB or 512 GB.

Connectivity, Battery, and Charging

The iPhone SE 4 is expected to support WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3. While there are no mentions of 5G networks in the leaks, the device may still offer compatibility with this technology. Charging options include 20W USB-C charging and 12W wireless charging, with support for MagSafe protocol. The battery capacity remains uncertain, with conflicting reports suggesting different figures.

As of now, the release date of the iPhone SE 4 remains unconfirmed, but speculation points towards a launch in 2024. While the leaked features paint an exciting picture of what the device could offer, only time will tell if they come to fruition. Apple enthusiasts eagerly await further updates from the tech giant regarding its budget-friendly smartphone lineup.


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