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iPhone SE 4: The Cheap Apple Phone, How Beautiful It May Look

Apple might be aiming for a true design revolution with the iPhone SE 4, finally bringing the affordable phone into modernity—if it indeed releases. Initial renderings and rumors suggest significant changes compared to its predecessor.

iPhone SE 4: Initial Renderings Surface

While Apple hasn’t confirmed the existence of the fourth-generation iPhone SE, initial renderings have already surfaced (Source: Shea on Twitter/X). The phone, with its modern design, could herald a new era for Apple’s entry-level smartphone.

Apple iPhone SE 4
The iPhone SE 4 might look like this. (Image source: Shea on Twitter/X)

The iPhone SE 4 appears in the images with slim display borders, a flat frame, and Face ID, signifying a clear departure from the traditional design of the previous model. The latter, with its 4.7-inch LCD display, wide screen borders, and somewhat outdated appearance, is simply no longer contemporary.

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Interestingly, the iPhone SE 4 is said to be based on the design of the iPhone 14 but equipped with the Action Button of the iPhone 15 Pro, departing from the previous mute switch slider. Additionally, a shift to USB-C instead of the current Lightning connector is expected.

Apple iPhone SE 4 (2)
The iPhone SE 4 could appear in these colors. (Image source: Shea on Twitter/X)

While the design undergoes modernization, there are hints that the fourth-generation iPhone SE might have only a single camera on the back—albeit with an improved 48MP sensor. Furthermore, it’s expected to feature a significantly larger 6.1-inch OLED display and a swift Apple processor. The exact processor model remains unknown.

Might It Arrive Only in 2025?

A slight disappointment might be the potentially long wait until its market launch, which, based on current knowledge, isn’t expected before the end of 2024 or even 2025. This leaves ample room for possible changes in design and features until the smartphone is finally available.

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