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Android Auto Update Sparks Outcry Among Users

The latest update to Android Auto has stirred up frustration and confusion among users. The main issue revolves around a new feature that requires users to confirm messages twice before sending them, leading to longer and more cumbersome conversations.

Many users have expressed their dissatisfaction with this change on Reddit, which was implemented without prior notice. The double confirmation process, while intended to ensure accuracy, has instead disrupted the fluidity of communication within the app.

Assistant now re-re confirms your outgoing new text requests
byu/jmanxl inAndroidAuto

The reason behind this double confirmation remains unclear. Previously, the assistant would repeat messages to allow users to catch any errors before sending. However, with the new update, this repetition occurs automatically with each message, without the option to modify or discard it.

Despite numerous complaints, users have discovered that there is no option to deactivate this feature. This lack of control has left many feeling frustrated and powerless, as they are forced to adapt to a function that they perceive as more of a hindrance than a benefit.

In response to the backlash, some users have reached out to Google for clarification on whether this change was intentional or a glitch. However, as of now, there has been no official statement from the Google regarding the matter.

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In addition to the issue with message confirmation, some users have also reported a shortened dictation time for voice commands. This has resulted in frustration for those who rely on voice recognition, as pauses in speech are now more likely to be interpreted as the end of a message.

Despite these complaints, it appears that the issue with shortened dictation time is not widespread, with only a minority of users experiencing this problem. Nonetheless, it serves as another point of contention for those already frustrated with the recent update to Android Auto.

Overall, the latest update to Android Auto has left many users feeling disillusioned and dissatisfied. As they await further clarification from Google, they can only hope that their concerns will be addressed in future updates to the app.

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