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What is MSI Center? What can it do for You?

Over the years, the Dragon Center has been a cornerstone of MSI product line, continuously evolving to incorporate the latest advancements in technology. With the latest update, MSI has introduced significant changes to the user interface, providing users with a modular and customizable experience. This new version, named MSI Center, leverages AI technology to adapt settings according to users’ preferences, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. In this article we will comprehensively MSI Center and its capabilities to enhance gaming or design experience.

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The new MSI Center offers all exclusive functions listed for users to choose and customize. Instead of preloading all features, users can now install only the ones they need by selecting them in the feature set tab. Additionally, users can remove unnecessary apps by selecting uninstall in the settings, thus avoiding unnecessary workload on their system.

Dark & Light Mode

The new MSI Center provides users with flexibility in switching the UI skin color. You can choose the amiable light or try dark mode, depending on which one you like.

User Scenario

In the utility tab, MSI has loaded different modes for various user scenarios. By doing so, you can adjust the laptop’s performance based on the current task, ensuring no resources are wasted.

Performance Modes in MSI Center

MSI Center offers following performance modes:

  • Extreme Performance mode squeezes GPU power by overclocking it; activating Cooler Boost mode is recommended when using this mode.
  • Balance mode provides a good balance between performance, acoustics, and battery life.
  • Silent mode is ideal for users who want the laptop to quiet down during work or in quiet environments.
  • Super Battery mode prioritizes battery life above all other resources.
  • User Mode allows you to configure your own settings according to your preferences.

General Setting

Below are few functions that can be modified on your laptop:

  • Disable Windows key to prevent unintentional pressing, particularly during gaming.
  • Privacy feature to disable the software webcam for enhanced privacy.
  • Display Overdrive, which pushes the response time of the display to its limits during gaming; requires laptop reboot to activate.
  • Discreet Graphics mode supported only by MSI GS, GE, and GP series, allowing discreet graphics functionality.
  • Crosshair display to enable a permanent crosshair, useful in FPS games, even without a scope.

Gaming Mode & Smart Priority

To cater to diverse needs, MSI Center offers both Gaming Mode and Smart Priority for creative work or productivity applications. In Gaming Mode, there’s a one-click optimization function for most games, adjusting system performance, display color, Nahimic, keyboard backlight, and other features to enhance the gaming experience. However, settings need to be reset each time you play. If a game is not on the list, you can manually add it. Smart Priority mode introduces a new AI-based optimization feature that covers a wide range of scenarios.

MSI Companion

MSI Companion is an on-screen-display interface designed to monitor computer status and adjust settings seamlessly during gameplay. You can activate it by pressing “Windows + G” to check the status. Additionally, you can pin it to the top of the screen for real-time system monitoring.

Game Highlights

Recording your gameplay has become increasingly popular, especially when capturing heroic moments to share with the world. Game Highlight offers a convenient way to save and share your gameplay to social platforms. After installing this feature, you’ll need to install one more utility to make it work, following the provided instructions. Currently, it’s available in select games like APEX Legends, League of Legends, and Fortnite and few other titles, with more game titles expected to be supported soon. In addition to enhancing your gaming experience, MSI Center offers other features that elevate your overall experience when using MSI laptops.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation technology is prevalent in the market, mostly supported through headphones. However, MSI’s noise cancellation technology stands out from the rest. It not only enhances incoming audio but also cleans background noise while detecting your voice through the microphone. While you speak, AI technology identifies and filters out unwanted external sounds that may affect voice quality. Additionally, MSI introduces two new modes:

  • Voice Amplifier Mode boosts the user’s volume without amplifying ambient noise.
  • Auto Volume Mode balances voice volume and incoming sounds, leading to improved communication quality.

Duet Display

Adding an extra monitor may not always be feasible, but with MSI’s exclusive “Duet Display,” you have another option. Simply grab your iOS tablet, plug it in using a lightning cable, and connect it to your laptop. Voila! You now have your second display. This display also supports mirror or extend modes, similar to an external monitor.

Smart Image Finder

Smart Image Finder simplifies the organization of your photos using a search engine concept. It categorizes your creativity by identifying content based on smart tags. Simply add the path of image files and let the AI engine gather the data. Once done, organizing photos becomes effortless, saving you the hassle of digging through files.

There are numerous improvements in the MSI Center, ranging from the redesigned UI to innovative new features. All of these optimizations serve one purpose: to make our users enjoy MSI laptops to the fullest.

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