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Will The Galaxy Ring Be Compatible with the iPhone And Other Android Phones? Samsung Responds

In a recent conversation with CNET, a representative from Samsung, Vice President Hon Pak, shared insights regarding the compatibility of the Galaxy Ring with various smartphone platforms. Pak affirmed that Samsung is diligently working to ensure seamless compatibility with other Android smartphones. Additionally, he emphasized that the primary objective of the Galaxy Ring is to cater to the needs of Galaxy owners while also accommodating users of other smartphone brands.

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“That’s where we are. And then beyond that? I think that’s still to be defined,” Pak remarked, hinting at ongoing developments in this area. However, it was made clear that while Android compatibility is on the horizon, iPhone users may find themselves excluded from this particular innovation. Samsung has confirmed that there are no immediate plans to extend compatibility to iOS devices.

“We recognize the challenge of iOS/Android, and, ultimately, we hope that our devices will be of such a caliber that people will be willing to change,” Pak elaborated, acknowledging the dynamics of the smartphone market. This decision aligns with Samsung’s previous strategies, as devices like the Galaxy Watch 5, Galaxy Watch 4, and Gear Fit are also incompatible with iPhones.

During the presentation, Pak addressed another crucial aspect concerning the integration of the Galaxy Ring with existing Samsung wearables. He clarified that the Galaxy Ring is not intended to replace the Galaxy Watch but rather complement it, enhancing health and fitness functionalities for users.

Samsung Will Launch the Galaxy Ring This Year

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The unveiling of the Galaxy Ring at Mobile World Congress 2024 sparked curiosity among tech enthusiasts, leaving many questions unanswered. Samsung opted to withhold specific details such as battery life, features, and release date during the initial presentation. However, Pak provided some insights during interviews with local media outlets.

In an interview with FNNews, Pak disclosed that the Galaxy Ring boasts a battery life ranging from 5 to 9 days and is designed to be as lightweight as a standard ring. “The Galaxy Ring can be worn comfortably 24 hours a day. Our goal is to provide comprehensive health information based on data conveniently monitored in daily life,” Pak emphasized, shedding light on the device’s functionality and user experience.

In terms of features, Samsung revealed that the Galaxy Ring will incorporate smart health functions, including My Vitality Score. This feature, integrated into Samsung Health, aims to deliver personalized health insights based on metrics such as sleep patterns, physical activity levels, and heart rate.

Furthermore, Pak hinted at Samsung’s future plans to introduce health monitoring systems tailored specifically for women. Collaborating with Natural Cycles, Samsung aims to offer fertility monitoring capabilities, a feature previously introduced in the Apple Watch Series 8.

While Samsung has yet to announce the exact pricing and release date for the Galaxy Ring, Pak assured consumers that the device will hit the market later this year. In an interview with The Elec, he revealed that the research and development phase is nearing completion, indicating a prospective launch in the second half of 2024.

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