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Starfield Players Discover Hilarious Ship Landing Glitch, Sparking Hope for Future Underwater Adventures

In a delightful twist within the digital expanse of Starfield, players have stumbled upon an unexpected glitch that’s left the gaming community in stitches. It all began when an player by curiosity, decided to push the boundaries of the game’s mechanics. Landing their spacecraft on water, an action typically reserved for solid ground, led to an amusing revelation: characters aboard the ship began swimming, despite their intended stationary or seated positions.

The discovery of this glitch quickly garnered attention after being shared by user HEARTOFSPACE on the Starfield subreddit. As players shared their experiences and reactions, the glitch took on a life of its own, becoming a source of amusement and intrigue. While the glitch itself may seem whimsical, it has reignited discussions among players regarding the potential for expanded underwater exploration within the game.

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Underwater exploration in Starfield, while limited, has nevertheless captured the imagination of players. Some industrious souls on the PC platform have uncovered a workaround using console commands. By disabling collision detection, they’ve unlocked the ability to explore underwater areas, albeit with the ever-looming risk of their characters meeting a watery demise if submerged for too long.

I saw a ship land in the water, so I decided to investigate.
byu/HEARTSOFSPACE inStarfield

It has sparked hope among players for future updates or expansions that could further flesh out underwater adventures in Starfield. Despite the game’s lukewarm reception upon its initial release, fans remain optimistic about the potential for future content additions. With the highly anticipated release of Starfield’s first major expansion, “Shattered Space,” drawing near, players eagerly await any hints of what lies beneath the surface due to release in 2024.

As players continue to revel in the hilarity of their characters’ unexpected aquatic escapades, the glitch serves as a testament to the boundless creativity and ingenuity of the gaming community. While Starfield may have its quirks and imperfections, it’s clear that players are eager to explore every glitchy nook and cranny of its vast universe, in search of both laughter and adventure.


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