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AMD Ryzen “Medusa”: Leak Reveals Lineup of Zen 6-based chips with RDNA 5 GPU

AMD is expected to introduce its next generation of processors with Zen 5 architecture in 2024, but as usual, the manufacturer seems to be planning its future chips well in advance.

On Monday (19), leaker @Olrak29_ revealed possible details of a future product lineup from the brand featuring Zen 6 architectures. Dubbed “Medusa,” this lineup is expected to include processors with high-performance integrated graphics. The CPU will be based on Zen 6, a completely revamped architecture that is possibly manufactured with a 2-nanometer lithography. The integrated GPU, in turn, is expected to be based on RDNA 5, “skipping” the fourth generation of the technology.

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Little is known about the Zen 6 and RDNA 5 architectures, as CPUs based on Zen 5 and RDNA 4 GPUs have not even been released by AMD. However, according to the latest information, the Zen 6 architecture promises to bring even more significant architectural improvements than Zen 5 compared to Zen 4. Additionally, a major update in AMD’s chiplet design is expected, ensuring better interconnection between the CPU, GPU, and more.

As for RDNA 5, this generation of the architecture is expected to represent a significant performance leap in the enthusiast gaming segment. It is expected that one of these platforms will be used in the PlayStation 6, Sony’s next-generation console, so improvements in ray tracing are one of the main bets.

AMD Ryzen

The fifth generation of the architecture will arrive after RDNA 4, which is expected to be a generation focused solely on popular games with intermediate performance. It is speculated that AMD will not release high-performance video cards this year. This means that if AMD introduces video cards based on RDNA 4 in 2024, there will be no model with capabilities to compete with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090, for example. Around mid-2025 or 2026, the manufacturer would return to the high-performance segment with the debut of the RDNA 5 architecture, which would arrive in conjunction with Zen 6.

AMD has not yet publicly commented on the details of its upcoming hardware generations, so the details should be treated as rumors until the company confirms or denies the information.

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