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Palworld: Who Flies High, Falls Low – The Biggest Player Decline In Steam History

Update: The player numbers of Palworld are falling at a record rate. Original: After the gigantic success of Palworld, the hype surrounding the combat-strong pocket monsters in Pokémon style seems to be slowly fading away.

Update From February 12, 2024:

After presenting several news updates on the rising player numbers of Palworld, here’s a brief update on the falling player numbers of Palworld. Last week, the number dropped from over 1 million players at peak to just over 680,000 players (February 9) simultaneously online in Palworld. Over the weekend, the numbers climbed back up to 756,764 players. However, the trend is clearly downward.

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The website PCGamesN even reports that in the entire history of Steam, never before has a game lost so many players in just two weeks (about 1.4 million) – following the motto: Who flies high, falls low. In summary, the numbers of the early access title are still remarkably high. Hardly any other game is currently played on Steam as much and by as many players simultaneously.

Original Announcement From February 5, 2024:

It was the surprise success of the past months. Palworld, the survival game that perhaps not entirely coincidentally resembles Pokémon, has stormed Steam and the Xbox Game Pass, breaking several records in the process. The hype surrounding Palworld has skyrocketed in a very short time and has developed an enormous momentum in the meantime.

Palworld High to Low Steam's Biggest Player Decline (1)

Now, however, the hype train seems to be slowly moving on. This is shown at least by the current player numbers on Steam. While Palworld still gathers an enormous number of players on the official and rentable servers, the number has dropped drastically.

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The Hype Train Around Palworld Continues

At its peak, Palworld could gather over 2.1 million players simultaneously on the servers. However, the player numbers continue to decline daily.

Palworld now only reaches a daily peak of just under 1.3 million players. This is still a lot, of course, and Palworld still ranks among the most successful games on Steam.

To have such a decline just under two weeks after release, in our opinion, can have two reasons. Either many players were only on Palworld due to the immense hype and just wanted to see what everyone else was talking about.

Or Palworld failed to meet the players’ expectations, causing them to move on. At the end of the day, it’s probably a combination of the two points mentioned. But no matter how the player numbers develop further, the gigantic success of Palworld can no longer be taken away from the developers at Pocket Pair. Except maybe by the courts, if Nintendo successfully takes legal action.

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