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Diablo 4: Gauntlet Dungeons Delayed Again – Not Coming on February 13th

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Diablo 4 players will have to wait longer for leaderboards. According to the Diablo chief, Blizzard’s action role-playing game’s biggest dungeon challenge is being delayed again.

Diablo 4 will soon have its own ranking system. In Challenge Dungeons (The Gauntlet), players enter a pre-made instance that is always structured the same but changes every week. The goal is to defeat the monsters in the Gauntlet as quickly as possible within a given time frame to achieve a high score.

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The top players can immortalize themselves on a leaderboard each week and earn banners for their character profiles. However, in “The Challenge,” players will face high-level opponents, so you’ll need a level 100 character with good equipment. After the start of Season 3, though, you’ll have to wait further for the feature. Diablo chief Rod Fergusson explained this on “X” (formerly Twitter).

Diablo 4: Gauntlet Is Delayed For The Second Time

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Originally, The Gauntlet was supposed to launch with the start of Season 3 but was then postponed to a later date. Afterwards, “The Challenge” was given a fixed release date for February 13, 2024. However, as Rod Fergusson explained on Twitter, even this date will not implement the dungeon challenge yet. The developers are still refining the endgame feature.

The reason for the change in plans might be the widespread layoffs at Blizzard following Microsoft’s acquisition. Surprisingly, developers from the Diablo team and other Blizzard games were affected.

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Meanwhile, voices from the Diablo community suggest that it would be better to release the endgame feature with the upcoming Season 4 and continue to fine-tune the leaderboards and other aspects until then to ensure the feature’s success. Season 4 is expected to bring a major overhaul of values.

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Because the changes in Season 3 were not well-received by the community initially. According to many Diablo influencers and player voices from the forums, having a test realm for upcoming updates would prevent difficult releases like Season 3.

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“The Challenge” was first introduced at BlizzCon 2023 in November. Just like with the upcoming expansion Vessel of Hatred, Diablo 4 developers couldn’t delve into the details back then. The endgame dungeons are initially planned to be a feature for Season 3 only. However, Season 3 ends on April 16, 2024. Will you still try out the feature and climb the Diablo 4 leaderboards by then?

Source: Twitter@RodFergusson

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