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WhatsApp Confirms Interoperability to Receive Messages from Telegram and Other Apps

WhatsApp has confirmed that soon it will be possible to read, receive, and respond to messages from Telegram and other messengers through its platform.

Commenting on the matter, Dick Brouwer, WhatsApp’s director of engineering, emphasized that interoperability is something required by the European Union’s Digital Markets Act. Therefore, the application is obliged to implement it.

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There is a real tension between providing an easy way to offer this interoperability to third parties, while preserving the level of privacy, security, and integrity of WhatsApp.

The executive also said that WhatsApp has been testing ways to maintain user security, ensuring end-to-end encryption for all messages passing through the platform.

WhatsApp Allows Messaging Integration with Telegram & Others (1)

When asked which applications will be compatible with WhatsApp, the executive emphasized that it is still too early to bet on names.

“We are working on a solution built within WhatsApp’s current client-server architecture. This effectively means that the approach we are trying to adopt is for WhatsApp to document our client-server protocol and allow third-party clients to connect directly to our infrastructure.”

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Brouwer also emphasized that initially, interoperability will only be for messages, images, voice messages, videos, and files, with calls and group chats being applied later.

Finally, he said that control will be in the hands of the user. In other words, they will be able to choose which applications they want to connect to their WhatsApp account.

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