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OnePlus 11 and 12 to Receive Samsung-Like AI Features

In contrast to Samsung’s Galaxy S24 trio, OnePlus has introduced the OnePlus 12 primarily with significant hardware changes. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that the OnePlus 12 won’t receive any AI features. Firmware updates with corresponding AI functions are seemingly being rolled out to the OnePlus 11 and 12 models in China and could also reach global Android smartphones in the coming weeks.

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As first reported on the news aggregator Reddit, OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 11 users with Chinese models have received a modest software update as part of the regular ColorOS 14 patches and fixes from January. The firmware is labeled PHB110_14.0.0.405 for the OnePlus 12 and for the OnePlus 11

New AI Features for OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12

In addition to correcting the fingerprint scanner and other minor improvements, the update includes some AI features that are being used for the first time on OnePlus devices. These include the “AI Summarizer,” the “AI Remover,” and the “AI Article Summarizer.” An upgrade for “Breeno Touch,” the company’s assistance function in China, is also mentioned.

OnePlus 11 and 12 to Receive Samsung Like AI Features (1)
OnePlus rolls out a new update with AI features for OnePlus 12 and 11

The changelog describes the “AI Summarizer” as a feature that summarizes phone calls and extracts important information such as times, actions to be taken, and an overall overview of the calls. An AI summary is also available for articles, which should function similarly to Samsung’s website summary on the Galaxy S24 via the Galaxy AI.

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Another AI-enabled entry is called “AI GC Remover,” which seems to be OnePlus’ answer to Google’s “Magic Eraser,” capable of removing unwanted objects from photos. However, it is unclear whether this supports generative editing similar to Samsung’s Galaxy AI version or Google’s enhanced Magic Editor.

Currently, there is no schedule for when a similar update will be available for non-Chinese OnePlus 12 and 11 devices. It is also possible that the Chinese manufacturer will provide the OnePlus Open with a similar update.

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Similarly, it is unknown when we will receive additional AI-based features such as “Circle to Search” and live translation of phone calls on OnePlus devices. It is likely that Samsung and Google intend to offer some popular features exclusively for their devices.

Via: MishaalRahman (X (Twiiter))

Source: Reddit, OnePlus

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