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Nintendo Announces Playable Demo of Mario Vs Donkey Kong

As we’re on the cusp of February, the gaming horizon is adorned with intriguing titles, one of which is Mario Vs. Donkey Kong—a title heralding the return of a classic originally seen on the GBA but later charting its own course on DS consoles. With its impending arrival on the Switch just two weeks away, Nintendo delivers a message sure to delight those eagerly awaiting its release.

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The Playable Preview

Nintendo has unveiled a significant treat for enthusiasts: a playable demo. This demo is now available to users with a company account accessing the eShop. No specific dates were provided; rather, players can dive right in, exploring a selection of levels designed to stoke anticipation. Moreover, there are tantalizing glimpses of new features, ensuring even veterans find something fresh to sink their teeth into.

Game Synopsis

In this latest installment, Donkey Kong has absconded with all the Mini-Mario toys from the factory, leaving Mario with the formidable task of retrieval. Players will sprint, leap, and execute backward somersaults across over 130 levels in this puzzle-infused platforming escapade.

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The rivalry that once simmered on the Game Boy Advance reignites on the Nintendo Switch, now with newly added cooperative gameplay, entirely fresh worlds, updated music, visuals, and innovative gameplay mechanics.

Engage your cognitive faculties as you strategize the optimal routes to reclaim the Mini-Mario toys across eight distinct worlds. Stay vigilant against adversaries, evade hazards, and utilize the tools scattered throughout each level. Strive for perfection—can you achieve a flawless rating on every level?

Remember, Mario Vs. Donkey Kong hits store shelves on February 16th for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo

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