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Epic Games Announces the Return of Fortnite on iOS, but Only for Europe

In a strategic move, Epic Games declared on Thursday (25) that the highly popular game Fortnite is set to make a comeback for users operating on Apple’s iOS platform. However, this revival is exclusively for European players. Anticipated to re-enter Apple’s ecosystem later this year, the game will be made accessible through Epic’s own app store.

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The Ongoing Battle Between Apple and Epic Games

It’s important to highlight the ongoing battle between Epic Games Store, Apple, and Google, which has spanned several years, primarily fueled by a dispute over the 30% fee imposed on microtransactions. In 2020, Fortnite was ousted from iOS after Epic introduced its own in-app payment system, challenging Apple’s established norms.

Epic’s Strides After Four Years

Fast forward almost four years, and Epic Games is finally making significant headway in what has been a protracted and challenging ordeal for the company. Fortnite is poised to re-enter the iOS arena, and this time, it will do so through Epic’s own app store.

Legal Facilitator: Europe’s Digital Markets Act (DMA)

This return to iOS in the continent is made possible by Europe’s recently enacted Digital Markets Act (DMA). The legislation stipulates that companies like Apple cannot monopolize the installation of apps on devices solely through the App Store. This newfound legal latitude has empowered Epic to entirely bypass the App Store and provide its own application for Fortnite downloads on Apple’s operating system. However, it’s essential to note that, being a regional law, there is no immediate indication of this happening on other continents.

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Apple’s Unyielding Stand

Despite these developments, Apple remains steadfast in its resistance against developers launching applications and app stores outside its own ecosystem. The exact release date for Fortnite on iOS in Europe is presently unclear, but it is expected to be unveiled soon as Epic Games continues to navigate the intricacies of this evolving legal landscape.

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