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Motorola Aims to Secure 3rd Spot in Global Smartphone Market by 2027, Reveals Lenovo Executive

In a recent interview with CNBC, Matthew Zielinski, President of International Markets at Lenovo, shared an ambitious plan. The goal? To propel Motorola into the position of the world’s third-largest smartphone brand within three years.

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New Strategy and Aggressive Investments

To achieve this ambitious goal, Motorola is set to implement a new strategy. The focus? More aggressive investments in the premium smartphone segment, a market currently dominated by industry giants Apple and Samsung. Zielinski emphasized the pivotal role of the upcoming generation of the Motorola Razr, a foldable clamshell phone available in the market with a focus on a diverse range of prices.

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“I would bet that, in three years, we will be number 3 worldwide,” stated the Lenovo executive. He emphasized once again the company’s intention to expand its market share geographically. The strategy involves aiming for stable growth in markets with a lower current market share. The ultimate target? Reaching a goal close to 10%.

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Challenges in a Dominated Market

Entering the top echelons of the global market won’t be an easy feat for Motorola, as Apple and Samsung collectively hold almost 40% of the smartphone market share. Xiaomi, currently in 3rd place, commands over 12% of the market. According to Counterpoint data, Motorola and Lenovo jointly occupied the 8th position in the third quarter of 2024.

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Interestingly, Motorola already enjoys significant popularity in selected markets, particularly in Latin America, where it stands as the second-largest manufacturer. The brand is estimated to hold the same position in Brazil, trailing only behind Samsung but maintaining a fierce competition with Apple.

Future Prospects and Regional Strength

Zielinski did not outline a broader strategy during the interview, but given the short-term nature of the goal, consumers can expect to see the effects of Lenovo’s future investments in Motorola sooner rather than later. As the brand aims to climb the global smartphone ranking, it will be intriguing to observe how these strategic moves play out in various markets worldwide

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