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Indiana Jones Returns in “The Great Circle”, Promises Explosive Action, Mind-Bending Puzzles, and a Dash of Nazi Mayhem in 2024

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After two rather mediocre film adventures, Indy is back in the video game spotlight. Machine Games and Bethesda revealed “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” during the Xbox Developer Direct. We gather the most important information for you.

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Because the Swedish development studio had a lot to show and even more to tell about the upcoming adventure of the world’s most famous archaeologist. Alongside a gameplay trailer, they delved into the game’s story, Indy’s role, and the anticipated release date.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle: When is the Release?

Starting with the crucial details: Expect the release of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle on PC and Xbox Series X|S in 2024. This confirms the rumors from the past, which also expected a release in this year.

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There is no exact day or month yet. It seems that Microsoft and Bethesda are banking on Indy’s new adventure being the big game for the holiday season. A release in October or November is therefore conceivable.

Indiana Jones Returns in The Great Circle (1)
On the quest for the Great Circle: Indiana Jones is once again traveling around the world.

Gameplay: How Will Indiana Jones Play?

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle promises an action-packed adventure primarily experienced from a first-person perspective. Naturally, you’ll step into the shoes of the eponymous hero. In certain moments, such as cutscenes or when climbing up a gutter, you will also be able to see good old Indy in full gear.

Additionally, the developers assure a focus on the franchise’s strengths. Brace for a blend of puzzles, action, and exploration, taking you on a global journey to diverse locations. Similar to the movies, there will be shooting, but Indy mainly fights either with his bare fists or uses the iconic whip. The latter is more than just a weapon, as it also serves for movement, as the first gameplay trailer conveys:

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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will not be an open-world game. Contrary to expectations, Machine Games states their aim for a mix of linear setpieces. They also plan to include a few open-area maps, inviting exploration of occasional secrets off the beaten path.

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Story: When Does Indiana Jones Take Place?

Rest assured, there won’t be an attempt to modernize the story after the letdown of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Contrarily, “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” is set in 1937. It falls between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the two most renowned film adaptations in the series.

The focus is on the mystery of the Great Circle, whose puzzle, as expected, Indiana Jones must solve. After all, the Nazis, led by the villain Emmerich Voss, are also searching for this mystery to find a key to an ancient power. Developer Machine Games describes Voss as the “perfect contrast to Indy,” who is also “highly intelligent.”

Indiana Jones Returns in The Great Circle (2)
With the whip and from the first-person perspective, you will be able to fight in Indiana Jones.

Fortunately, as Indiana Jones, you are not completely on your own. In the movies, Indy is accompanied on his travels. Gina, an investigative journalist with a personal interest, joins him on the quest for the Great Circle. However, the team did not want to reveal more details yet.

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Who Plays and Voices Indy?

If, based on the images and the gameplay trailer, you haven’t recognized it yet: visually, Indiana Jones in the game looks like a young Harrison Ford, which makes sense. After all, the franchise is closely associated with the US actor who has already grabbed hat and whip five times. However, the voice is someone else.

Troy Baker, whom many probably know as the voice actor for Joel from The Last of Us or as the brother of Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake, lends his voice to Indy. This is also quite evident, although Baker makes an effort to mimic the charm of the young Ford.

Indiana Jones Returns in The Great Circle (3)
The video game version of Indy is modeled after a young Harrison Ford, but he is voiced by Troy Baker.

The new voice casting is also present in the German version, where Wolfgang Pampel’s voice is not heard. The reason for this remains unclear so far. It might be due to age, with Ford at 81 and Pampel at 78, or there could be other factors influencing the choice of voice actors.

More information about Indiana Jones and the Great Circle can be expected later this year. If the team adheres to the planned release this year, there will probably be more to see by summer at the latest.

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